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Dental 3D Imaging in Deerfield

If you’re thinking about having dental implants in Deerfield or suffer from gum disease, your dentist may use a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scan to diagnose and plan your treatment.

What is a CBCT Scan?

Our dentists are here to answer all your questions about CBCT scans and why we use them here at Zen Dental Deerfield.

Around 150-200 images are taken from various angles within less than a minute. The data collected are then used to create a 3D image of the teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Compared to standard X-Rays, a Dental CBCT Scan is a much more precise and effective method of capturing information on your dental health. CBCT technology also reduces radiation exposure and requires fewer scans to get the various angles and perspectives necessary to make the most reliable diagnosis. Unlike conventional X-ray images, cone beam computed tomography scans can show both bone and soft tissue.

What are the benefits of CBCT scans?

There are several benefits to getting a CBCT scan:

  • Better image quality and accuracy
  • More comprehensive information about your oral health
  • A comfortable and quick experience
  • A lower dose of radiation

Why are CBCT scans necessary?

This technology allows dentists to plan and perform successful dental implant and other dental treatment. CBCT scans help dentists provide:

  • accurate measurements of your teeth and jaw
  • endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • reliable feedback concerning gum issues
  • nerve canal tracing
  • evaluation of the airway (sinuses and nasal cavity)

More questions about CBCT scans?

We’re here to answer any questions about CBCT scans, dental implant procedures, and caring for your gums, teeth, and mouth.

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